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February 1, 2007 - April 6, 2007 Quarterly Report

Quarterly Report
2006-2007 schoolyear
D.O.B. :  September XX 1997
Age:  9
Grade:  4
Grading Key:             Effort & Skills
4 - Advanced               E - Excellent                  U - Unsatisfactory
3 - Proficient                G - Good                        X - Not Applicable
2 - Approaching          S - Satisfactory
1 - Below                     N - Needs to Improve
Days of Instruction:  47
Arithmetic:  The areas of math Jacob continues to study/practice are :
word problems     factors                         multiplication,division
fractions                multiples                     addition
decimals               prime factorization    subtraction
percents                prime numbers          money math
number lines         geometry                    time/clocks
fact families          times tables                real-life math experiences
Jacob has been trying very hard in math this past quarter. Logical reasoning skills seem to come naturally to him, while the more precise computational kind of math seems to be his weakness. Jacob’s attention span in this subject has improved immensely this past quarter and I am happy for the effort he has put into developing his math skills this past quarter.    Grade: 2 (S)
Reading: This quarter Jacob read Shakespeare’s HAMLET, (abriged version), Bridge to Terabithia and Moby Dick (abridged version as well).  Also many articles in National Geographic and various other publications Jacob read for free reading time and for pleasure. Jacob is a ‘natural’ reader, meaning that he is a voracious reader who reads for pleasure for literally hours on end, on a daily basis. As a result his vocabulary and sentence structures are mature beyond his years. Grade: 3 (G)
Spelling: Jacob corrects misspelled words and rewrites assignments so that spelling is correct throughout his work.  Grade: 3 (G)
Writing, Grammar & Language Arts: Jacob has been using the State Standards CD rom to prepare for the language arts component of the upcoming standardized test he will be taking. He has written letters to family members, correcting grammar before sending them out, and he has written in his journal.  Grade: 2 (S)
Health & Safety: This past quarter our homeschool has focused on bacteria and viruses, how to prevent them and why they are so prevalent in certain areas of the world. Also we covered how to handle encounters with unfamiliar dogs and how to avoid being bitten, and strategies to employ if attacked by a canine. Grade: 4(E)
History:  Being that the homeschool read Bridge to Terabithia which made mention of the Vietnam War, we decided to learn a bit about that tragic conflict and the significance it holds in our nation’s history. Jacob has also watched various PBS history programs that focused on our nation’s early history.   Grade: 2 (G)
Science: For science, the homeschool investigated the three classes of levers, simple machines, compound machines, classifying vertebrates, the circulatory system, the digestive system (in more depth than previously done), and chemical changes.  Also many episodes of MYTHBUSTERS were watched, which often focuses on proving or disproving scientific myths.   Grade: 3 (G)
Art: Jacob struggled with art this past quarter. His under-developed fine motor skills, coupled with his tactile-defensiveness with many paper surfaces and textures, really hindered progress in this area. Jacob preferred to work instead with modeling clay and do computer-generated art.  Grade:  2(S)
Music:  Jacob continues to practice guitar and piano. Grade: 2 (S)
Physical Education: Jacob has participated in running, games of tag, scootering, walking and resistance workouts on the Total Gym.  Grade: 3(G)
Typing & Computer: Jacob continues to type regularly both for pleasure and completing his homeschool work.  Grade: 3 (G)
Teacher Comments - 3rd Quarter
Jacob is progressing at a satisfactory level in all subject matter.  He has had no absences from instruction this quarter.  He has completed the required 225  hours of instruction.
Jacob is still struggling in math, however, he is putting forth more effort and concentration, which is a BREAKTHROUGH.
Submitted  May 15, 2007  by Daniela