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September 6, 2007 - November 13, 2007 Quarterly Report

Quarterly Report
2007-2008 schoolyear
D.O.B. :  September XX 1997
Age:  10
Grade:  5
Grading Key:             Effort & Skills
4 - Advanced               E - Excellent                  U - Unsatisfactory
3 - Proficient                G - Good                        X - Not Applicable
2 - Approaching          S - Satisfactory
1 - Below                     N - Needs to Improve
Days of Instruction:  48
Arithmetic:  The areas of math Jacob continues to study/practice are :
word problems     factors                         multiplication,division
fractions                multiples                     addition
decimals               prime factorization    subtraction
percents                prime numbers          money math
number lines         geometry                    time/clocks
fact families          times tables                real-life math experiences
Jacob is doing Saxon Math, Math CD roms, and online math games.  Grade: 2 (S)
Reading:  Jacob read the abridged edition of Shakespeare's MacBeth, and "A Wrinkle in Time" by Madeleine L'Engle.  Also, over the summer, he read "The Giver" and "Gathering Blue" by Lois Lowry. Grade: 3 (G)
Spelling: Jacob corrects misspelled words and rewrites assignments so that spelling is correct throughout his work.      Grade: 3 (G)
Writing, Grammar & Language Arts:  This quarter Jacob has been using "Hot Words for the SAT" to study Vocabulary, and "English Made Easy" & "Punctuation Made Easy" for Grammar & Language Arts.  Grade: 2 (S)
Health & Safety: This quarter Jacob learned how to stay safe while using the internet, and how to avoid child predators who stalk minors online. Grade: 4(E)
History:  Jacob went on a trip with our homeschool to Philadelphia and visited The Ben Franklin Institute Museum.  The homeschool prepared for the trip by reading and researching the history of Ben Franklin, Albert Einstein and the Wright Brothers. Exhibits featuring these important historical figures were very educational and entertaining.  In addition to the exhibits on Physics, Flight, & Electricity, were those on trains, sports, space travel, and optical illusions.   Grade: 2 (G)
Science:  Jacob went on a field trip with the homeschool to Camden, NJ, to The Children's Adventure Aquarium.  In preparation for the trip, Jacob read about and researched aquatic life and underwater ecosytems.   Grade: 3 (G)
Art: Jacob has been learning about some of the great artists in history: Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Monet, and Picasso. Grade: 2(S)
Music:  Jacob continues to practice guitar and piano. Grade: 2 (S)
Physical Education: Jacob has participated in running, games of tag, scootering, walking and resistance workouts on the Total Gym.  Grade: 3(G)
Typing & Computer: Jacob continues to type regularly both for pleasure and completing his homeschool work.Grade: 3 (G)
Teacher Comments - 1st Quarter
Jacob is progressing at a satisfactory level in all subject matter.  He has had no absences from instruction this quarter.  He has completed the required 225  hours of instruction.
Submitted  November 13, 2007  by Daniela