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November 14, 2008 - January 30, 2009 Quarterly Report

2008-2009 School Year
D.O.B.: 09/XX/97
Age: 11
Grade: 6
Grading Key:             Effort & Skills
4 - Advanced               E - Excellent                  U - Unsatisfactory
3 - Proficient                G - Good                        X - Not Applicable
2 - Approaching          S - Satisfactory
1 - Below                     N - Needs to Improve
Days of Instruction:  40
Math:  Saxon Math...Classifying Quadrilaterals, Simplifying Mixed Measures, Reading & Writing Whole Numbers in Expanded Notation, Solving Two-Step Word Problems, Finding an Average, Organizing & Analyzing Data, Multiplying by Two Digit Numbers, Naming Numbers through Hundred Billions, Perimeter, Measures of a Circle, Dividing by Multiples of Ten, Multiplying by 3 Digit Numbers, etc. Grade: 2 (S)  
Reading: "Let it Begin Here! Lexington & Concord: 1st Battles of the Revolution" by Dennis Brindell Fradin, "White Fang" by Jack London Grade: 4 (E)
Spelling & Vocabulary: Hot Words for the SAT 3rd Edition (Linda Carnevale, M.A.), Vocabulary Vine: A Spiral Study of Latin and Greek Roots (Nancy Paula Hasseler)  Grade: 4 (E)
Writing, Grammar & Language Arts: Finished up the book "Putting it in Writing: Reports, Letters, Essays & More" by Steve Otfinoski... (Common Editing Symbols, State Abbreviations, Common Reference Tools),  Began the next book, "Writing Winning Reports & Essays" by P. Janeczko...(The Writing Process, Writing a Report, Arranging Details, Writing a Social Studies Report, First Person Account, Writing About a Social Issue, Showing Both Sides of an Issue)  Grade: 2 (S)
Health & Safety: How to safely participate in Winter Sports (sledding, skiing) Grade: 4 (E)
History: World History - "Patterns of Interaction" by McDougal & Littell...(Byzantines, Russians & Turks Interact, Empires in East Asia, European Middle Ages, Formation of Western Europe, Societies & Empires of Africa, People & Empires in the Americas, European Renaissance & Reformation) Grade: 2 (S)
Science: Biology: Prentice Hall NYS... (Intro to Genetics, DNA & RNA, Genetic Engineering, The Human Genome, Darwin's Theory, Evolution of Populations, The History of Life, Classification) Grade: 3 (G)
Art: Jacob continues to struggle with putting effort and interest into anything artistic. Grade: 2 (N)
Music: Jacob practices piano, and has been asking to take drum lessons. Looks like he may be trying that next quarter :)  Grade: 3 (S)
Physical Education: Jacob has been participating in winter sports and going on the treadmill. Grade: 3 (S)
Typing & Computer: Jacob practices typing daily and types with speed and accuracy, however he still needs to perfect keeping his fingers on "home" to master the proper technique. Grade: 3(S)
Teacher Comments - 2nd Quarter
Jacob is a student who is very focused on science in particular. He takes the initiative in subjects that interest him, however, requires prompting and reminding with subjects he finds less interesting (writing and art mainly). Jacob is doing well and engaging in social activities with his friends.
Submitted 2009 by Daniela