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April 9, 2011 - June 24, 2011 Quarterly Report

Quarterly Report

2010 - 2011 School Year

D.O.B. 09/XX/97
Age 13
Grade 8

Grading Key:             Effort & Skills
4 - Advanced               E - Excellent                  U - Unsatisfactory
3 - Proficient               G - Good                        X - Not Applicable
2 - Approaching          S - Satisfactory
1 - Below                    N - Needs to Improve
Days of Instruction:  45

Reading"Readings for Writers" by Jo Ray McCuen, Anthony C. Winkler.  Eighth Edition.  Chapter 8 - Analyzing: Comparison/Contrast, Division/Classification, and Causal Analysis, Chapter 9 - Argumentation, Chapter Ten - The Meaning of Words (4 E)

English"A Child's Anthology of Poetry" Edited by Elizabeth Hauge Sword with Victoria Flournoy McCarthy.  Illustrated by Tom Pohrt.  We will be reading this book along with "Scholastic's Guides HOW TO WRITE POETRY" by Paul B. Janeczko.  Chapter Five. (2 S)

HistoryBarron's Review Course Series "Let's Review:  Global History and Geography" Fourth Edition. Mark Willner, Marry Martin, Jerry Weiner, David Moore and George Hero. Era VII:  The World Since 1945, Global Connections and Interactions in The 21st Century (3 G)

ChemistryChemistry-The Physical Setting (Barron's Review Course Series): Chapter 8 (3 G)

Foreign LanguageJacob continues to have no interest in this :(

Math:: Math via this website: (3 G)

Music : Keyboard, music recording (2 S)

Art :   Computer art (2 S)

Physical Education : Elliptical (3 G)

Comments:  The trips we took to Newport, Boston and Plymouth were the pinnacle of this school year. Besides the educational value of visiting Plymouth Plantation, and The Vanderbilt Mansion (The Breakers), the entire family had fun exploring these cities and learning the history that makes these places so unique. A great year!

Submitted on June 30, 2011 by Daniela